29 December 2012

Heading South for warmer pastures

Grapevine, CA. snow very near the road but it was clear 
Crossing to warmer climate

27 December 2012

26 December 2012

Things on a Stick coninued

Shasta plant Hayward, CA.

25 December 2012

Looking around Mary Katherine's

Reflections of Christmases Past with love

So beautiful when in full bloom

Great old toys

Ready for Christmas Tea

Christmass 2012 Family

Catherine, Mom, Dad, Laura

Niki, Catherine, Mary Katherine, Laura, Mom

Catherine, Mary Katherine and new made by Mom Quilt

Dad, Niki, Catherine

The Table is ready!! lets eat!

Nice Laura and Mary Katherine


Mary Katherine handing out the presents

Niki looking for trouble!

Niki and Philip and world series sweat shirt

24 December 2012

Holiday repairs

Why is it, One always needs repairs at the Holidays new garbage disposal and drain lines, The news paper shows any leaks quickly.

20 December 2012

SF and the holidays

Always the kitchen work

Thanks for comming

Dad glad you are with us